Bush Library Back Open After Government Shutdown

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TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY The closure of the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum on the Texas A&M campus was one of the most visible local signs of the government shutdown - and it's now back open.

"We were supposed to leave town this morning. We specifically waited until 9:30, so at least we can see the library before we leave," said Susan Burdick on Thursday morning.

Burdick and her friends drove to College Station just to see the Bush Library.

"We came into town two days ago and we came from Southern California," said Burdick.

They aren't the only ones who felt the museum was worth the trip.

"We're from Friendswood," said Connie Hill.

"Houston, outside Houston," said Elizabeth and Steve Voss.

"We are four friends from Sweden, which is the Northern part of Scandinavia," said Anders Nilsson.

All day, a steady stream of visitors made their way to the Texas A&M campus - many of them still upset that the shutdown lasted so long.

"It was terrible, I think. Very disappointing," said Hill.

"Very, very, very irritated," said Burdick. "We came all the way from Southern California specifically for this, and it has totally ruined the vacation up until now."

However, the group from Sweden says the shutdown timing worked out for them. They were only in Texas for 15 days, so they were able to visit the museum before their flight back to Europe Thursday afternoon.

In the end, most visitors were happy the museum is open and the shutdown is over. However, the compromise reached in Washington is a temporary fix, so they hope this doesn't happen again in January.

The City of College Station's 75th Anniversary exhibit was scheduled to open at the George Bush Library on Monday, but city officials say opening day will be pushed back until November 16th, because of the shutdown.