Bush Presidency Anniversary: Foreign Policy Panel

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TEXAS A&M - 25 years after the fact, the foot soldiers of the senior Bush administration reflect on their time advising the president.

President George H. W. Bush's foreign policy advisors sat down at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum Saturday to exchange stories about what it was like to work with their boss. And deal with foreign governments. The panel was a part of this weekend's festivities at the Library celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Bush administration.

"One of the other reasons that policy was so good and so much was accomplished in the Bush administration was that the principals reached out and recruited enormously talented young people to work for them directly," said former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

"you talk about a seminal moment when you know history had been made, at that very moment, that was it," Gates said.

They made history back then and gave the audience a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness it today.