Business, Community Leaders Learn More About Affordable Care Act

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BRYAN If navigating the federal healthcare exchange wasn't hard enough, many business owners have questions about how the new health care affects their bottom line. A local insurance company hoped to clear the air when in comes to the new law.

Most of the Affordable Care Act went into effect on January 1st.
For employers and the health insurance industry, there are more questions than answers. College Station-based Brown and Company Insurance knows that the ACA can be complicating. Bryan Brown says he hopes that more knowledge will calm some business owners.

"The main concern is premiums, increase cost of healthcare, the shrinking of coverage, available options, things like that," said Brown.

But it's not just business leaders who are looking for an explanation.
Elected leaders are interested, too.

"Government can affect us positively or negatively and often times there are unintended consequences and that's the ones we're afraid of. I think that's what we are having with the Affordable Care Act. I think we're having unintended consequences that are going to make it very difficult for the economy," said State Representative John Raney.

Mark Kennedy, with Benefits Concepts out of Houston, works with other in the health care industry, telling them what they should be doing to be prepared.

"The affordable care act is going to affect all 300 million Americans. It's one of the most defining legislation in our time. It's confusing. It's complicated. and it's certainly cumbersome to business owners," said Kennedy.

Above all, Kennedy's advice to businesses is simple: Stay calm. We will all get through this together.

Because like it or not, the Afordable Care Act isn't going away anytime soon.