Announcers "Pumped" About Covering A&M-Alabama Game

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People across the country are showing a lot of interest in this weekend's top 10 match up - and that includes those who put the show on the air.

CBS Sports held a teleconference Monday with their lead announcers to discuss why there's so much anticipation.

"Just to state the obvious, this is the biggest first game that we've had in the 14 years I've done it," said Verne Lundquist, play-by-play announcer.

CBS Sports announcers say they're looking forward to seeing how number one ranked Alabama has prepared to face 6th ranked Texas A&M this time around.

Johnny Manziel was also a popular topic of conversation.

"He's become the most polarizing athlete in all of College football," said Lundquist.

"You can't take your eyes off him when he's on the field," said Gary Danielson, play-by-play announcer. "Even when he's on the sidelines, you find yourself glancing over there."

Hopefully television viewers agree. CBS Sports announced that Manziel will have a camera dedicated to following him the entire game, called the "Johnny Cam".

"He can't hide if he makes a smirk or a grimace. Hopefully we'll capture it," said Craig Silver, CBS Sports Producer.
"He's a unique personality. This is a unique game. Hopefully it will call for a unique camera and a unique perspective.

Experts don't know who will end up on top this year, but they say there's no doubt Alabama will show up looking for revenge.