CS Boy Catches Waves and World Ranking

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When the Montgomery family from College Station heads to the Gibbons Creek Reservoir , their son Zane looks forward to hitting the water.

"We just go out on the lake, mess around, and have fun," said Zane.

For half his life, Zane has participated in a sport that really wets his whistle.

"I like to wake surf," said Zane.

A popular sport in Florida and California, wake surfing is the act of riding the wave put out by a specially designed boat and Zane happens to be insanely good.

"I get to travel and go to different places and just have fun," said Zane.

Zane is only 11-years-old but he's ranked 6th in the world when it comes to wake surfing.

"It's a sport that we can all do together and we spend endless hours on the water and many gallons of gas," joked his father Randy.

Randy keeps a watchful eye on his son as the family cruises around the lake.

He's not only proud of Zane's accomplishments but also the fact he's passing along what he knows to his little sister.

"He's learned it on his own so he can teach his sister. So look out for Zoe because she's probably going to be better than Zane," joked Randy.

"Our main goal right now is to get her up and ride," said Zane.

6-year-old Zoe can also hold her own on the water, much like her older brother did when he was her age.

Zane hopes to go pro in wake surfing one day but for now he doesn't mind hanging 10 on the water while raking them in from the judges.

At the World Wake Surf Championship this past summer, Zane placed 3rd in the amateur men's category. Coming in behind two competitors that are more than twice his age.

A pretty epic run from one gnarly College Station kid.

Zane will now rest and practice when he can during the winter but he's already looking forward to the 2013 season. You can keep up with Zane on his blog which we've posted below.