CS Boys Hope To Rebuild Colorado Home After It's Destroyed By Wildfire

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It's been nine months since four College Station boys lost their new home to a wildfire in Colorado Springs, after losing both their parents when they were here in Aggieland.

Their mother Kim died in her sleep for reasons still unknown while their dad died of a heart attack less than three months later.

News 3 has an update on the Flowers boys as their grandmother looks to rebuild their home in Colorado.

Susan Solich, her 17-year-old daughter Hannah and her grandsons, the four Flowers boys can tell you about heartbreak.

Conner, Justin, Brandon and Tyler moved from College Station to Colorado Springs, CO in February 2011 after losing their mom and dad a few months apart.

"Well the kids are doing great. We're all just working hard and the kids are doing good in school. They are involved in track and science and Boy Scouts, and band. They've just really jumped in with both feet," said Susan Solich, by phone from Colorado Springs.

But the sanctuary of a new start was destroyed last June when the Waldo Canyon Fire destroyed their home and 344 others in the Colorado fire that killed two.

After finding a temporary home there, they now hope to rebuild.

"I hope so. It will take probably a good month to a month and a half to design a new home. And then to break ground it will take about six months after we break ground, to build a house," she added.

Sunny Smaldino with the Colorado Springs Fire Department says 40 people are already moving back into their rebuilt homes at the end of this month, but the damage is done.

"It was our most destructive wildfire in the state's history certainly financially for the amount of homes lost... The fire burned over 18,000 acres and it took well over 1,500 firefighters to contain and get a handle on that fire," said Smaldino.

While they try to move on in Colorado, love from the Lone Star State keeps them going.

"College Station has just been wonderful. They haven't forgotten about these boys," Solich said.

A family that continues to stay encouraged despite unbelievable obstacles.

The Flowers boys stay in touch with their College Station friends and still visit.

They hope to have their home in Colorado rebuilt in time for Christmas.

A $100,000 reward is still being offered in Colorado Springs for information identifying the person who started the fire.

It's still not known if the fire was set on purpose or was an accident.