CS City Council Approves Signal Changes To University Drive, Texas Avenue Intersection

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas Get ready for radar sensing traffic lights at the busiest intersection in Bryan / College Station.

The College Station City Council approved changes for Texas Avenue and University Drive Thursday night.

100,000 vehicles drive through that intersection every day and it's about to get even more traveled.

News 3 takes a look at what's coming this summer.

A line of cars is a common site at Texas Avenue and University Drive at peak times.

Just ask College Station Driver Ibrahim Karaman.

"I lived in a big city so I'm used to it. But sometimes I try to avoid 8 o'clock and 5 P.M. traffic and try and leave a little late," he said

But signal signs of change are coming.

The College Station City Council unanimously approved plans for $352,897 worth of new traffic signals.

New restaurants and retail are taking form at the Northpoint Crossing development meaning more congestion is coming for this busy intersection.

The developer is paying for pedestrian improvements and additional turn lanes.

College Station Traffic Engineer Troy Rother says the new lights will help improve the flow of traffic.

"We are replacing the technology. We are putting in radar so that the traffic is more accurately detected compared to some other technologies. So those are some of the really, traffic improvements that we are looking for," said Rother.

Jill Wise works on University Drive and drives through this intersection two times a day but knows when to stay away.

"On game weekends I'm sure it's just crazy. I really avoid the intersection on game days and around those weekends, but during the week the lights are really consistent and I don't have any trouble getting through the intersection," said Wise.

But traffic is expected to increase exponentially with the all the Northgate development.

"It'll be interesting to see what it does," said Jill Wise.

The metal poles take about four months to make meaning you won't see work start here until late May or June.

Once it starts this summer construction is expected to take about a month.

The city's traffic engineer expects work will have a minimum impact on drivers in that area once it begins and the existing lights will remain functional until the new ones are ready to be turned on.