CS City Council Solicits Grant for PD Expenses, Safety

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The College Station City Council discussed the fatal Fidelity Street shooting in College Station from August of 2012 at their meeting Thursday night to consider ways to pay for the expenses the city incurred during the shootout and to ensure future safety of officers.

Three people were killed, including Brazos County Constable Brian Bachmann, bystander Chris Northcliffe, and the shooter himself, Thomas Caffall.

Law enforcement had to guard the scene on Fidelity Street for almost a week.

"He had a high powered rifle with a scope on it, so when you are looking at equipment like that, he's able to put rounds down a city block away. He had shot in two different directions, so we literally have to go a block away in two different directions and work our way back in to recover as much evidence,” said Assistant Chief Brandy Norris with the College Station Police Department.

Councilmembers approved a resolution get an $87,000 dollar grant from the state to help cover overtime costs during the shooting investigation. The overtime accrued by the police department for the investigation was close to $62,000.

The shooting was a catalyst for the department to get advanced first aid kits.

"It's a quick temporary solution until medical aid can come in and take over,” said Chief Norris.

She says the kits, called SABA kits, would have helped victims like Barabara Holdsworth who was hit by two bullets in that shooting.

"It would have slowed down her bleeding. It would have been an opportunity if an officer would have gotten to her to apply medical treatment to her immediately."

It's an extra tool that police officers will now have in case of the worst.

About $24,000 of the $87,000 grant will be used to give police officers kits and training. Some money will also go towards overtime the city of Bryan accrued during the Fidelity Street shooting investigation.