CS City Council Taking Look at Expansion Plans For Lincoln Recreation Center

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It's a place to play after school, exercise, do homework and even go to church.

College Station's Lincoln Recreation Center is being expanded to serve the growing community even better.

News 3 has a look at the design plans still being drawn up.

Kids find their way into the Lincoln Recreation Center in College Station after school with a place to play, exercise and even learn.

Plans are now moving forward to expand the facility by another 15,000 square feet.

"As part of this expansion we're looking at building a new gym, which is obviously more for after school activities and summer programs," said Chuck Gilman.

Gilman is College Station's Public Works Director and says the $4.3 million total project was approved by voters in 2008 with a seven year window to carry bond projects out.

The city council is taking a closer look Thursday at 7 P.M. at brand new designs still being drawn.

"Really trying to show them some of the concepts that we've created working in conjunction with the architect, them understanding more of the programs and activities that take place over there," Gilman said.

The Lincoln Center is not just a safe place to play but has also been the home of 50 funerals and some wedding receptions too.

"We're trying to create some operational flexibility that will allow for a portion of the facility to be more active and the other portion to be more passive whether it's meetings or use of the computers, the library space," said Chuck Gilman.

A new place for the community to come together.

The design phase will continue through 2014 while ground breaking is expected in 2015.