CS City Hall Drying Out After Storms

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As rain poured on Bryan/College Station Thursday, the College Station City Hall was simply trying to stay afloat.

"We were grabbing electronics off the floor. We were trying to elevate desks on rocks, bricks, or coffee cups anything we could to get those items out of the way," said Jay Socol with the City of College Station.

A clog in a drainage pipe caused the buildings open air atrium to start filling up with flood waters. City employees did what they could to prevent the extent of the flooding by trying to get the water out as fast as it was coming in.

"Tea pitchers, kitchen trays, mops and buckets. We were grabbing anything we could to keep the water from progressing," said Socol.

Estimates are underway to see what the extent of the damage is but for now some offices will have to be relocated.

"Some employees have been displaced. Folks in the city secretary's office and the city managers office have all been moved to other office spaces within city hall or near it to continue to do their work," said Socol.

The good news is city employees were able to save all electronic devices including some important multi-media components in the city hall chamber.