CS Finishing Improvements to Water Treatment Plant Including Better Smell

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas Some of the stink may be gone.

Better smelling air is supposed to be coming to a southeast College Station neighborhood as work wraps up on improvements to the Carter's Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

News 3 got a tour of the plant to find out how the city is working to get rid of the stench.

There's something in the air when the wind blows just the right way south of Highway 30 in College Station.

The smell of the Carter's Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

"We mostly notice it when we are coming and going," said Joan Quintana.

She has lived in Emerald Forest for seven years and is pleased to know that College Station is working to make their wastewater treatment plant smell better.

"Certainly affects our ability to sell our homes, our property values, our quality of life. So I think it's a good use of funds as long as it's not an exorbitant cost," she said.

Last September construction started to upgrade parts of the plant where the cleaning process starts.

Jennifer Nations is College Station Water Resource Coordinator and says part of the $1.6 million cost included treating the sewage smell with a more efficient spraying system.

"It does two things; it will mask the odors but then it also treats some of the odors," she said.

These industrial strength air fresheners are working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And what's really funny is they're available in different scents.

"It's October and they don't have pumpkin spice but there is an evergreen scent that we can get for December maybe," laughed Jennifer Nations.

Robert Miksch lives just about a thousand yards from the plant and says the smell seems to be the worst in fall and during football season Saturdays.

"Never noticed it inside, just you know mainly when you are out on the drive or out front getting the mail and stuff like that," he said.

"I can't really say I've not noticed it not being evident, because I think I actually have in the last few weeks noticed it. Although maybe not as much," said Joan Quintana

While the system helps mask the odor it unfortunately can't get rid of it all.

The air freshener system has been working for the last several weeks while the rest of the project will finish in November.

The City of College Station encourages people to call their dispatch line any time they notice a smell or problem near the treatment plant.

The Utility Dispatch number is (855) 528-4278.