CS HAZMAT Crew Called to Assist in Hazardous Leak on Tanker Truck

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An observant driver prevented what could have been a dangerous situation this afternoon when they spotted a tanker truck leaking fluid--that turned out to be hazardous.

The tanker truck was driving on Highway 6, near the Nantucket area just south of College Station when it was flagged down. Brazos County Sheriff's deputies say it was leaking anhydrous ammonia. A Sheriff's deputy directed the tanker to a secure location near Highway 6 and Deer Park Drive.

The South Brazos County Volunteer Fire Department, College Station firefighters and a HAZMAT Team were all on scene. Investigators say the leak was never a threat to the public and the anhydrous ammonia was transferred from the tanker to three other trucks.

The feeder road of Highway 6 was closed down to one lane and Deer Park Drive was closed to traffic until the transfer was finished