CS Helping Thousands of Residents Save Money on Water Bill

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College Station is reaching out to thousands of residents to inform them of how they can save money on water bills.

During the summer months, on average, residents use more water which costs more money.

Keeping the yard green is a priority for the Speelman's.

"My wife and I, she enjoys her yard, she enjoys her flowers and to her that's her thing. That is our thing,” said Gilbert Speelman who lives in south College Station.

During the summer time Speelman makes an extra effort to make sure the grass is hydrated. But how much water is too much? The city is stepping in to answer that question.

"This is how much water you should have been putting on your landscape last summer, and if someone has 50,000 gallons of actual usage, but their budget showed that their lawn only needed 30,000 gallons then there is some opportunity for savings,” said Jennifer Nations, water resource coordinator for the City of College Station.

Nations has been working with researchers for months to develop individualized water usage charts along with a suggested amount that should be used.

Graphs show if the usage is above or below the suggested usage amount determined by the city. That suggested usage is calculated after much research that takes into consideration rainfall totals and the average households consumption during the winter.

On average, a resident can save about $100 on their bill if their consumption is above average and they utilize the city's free landscape irrigation checkup.

"We will talk to them about installing a rain sensor and give them a whole laundry list of tips that they can use to save water an eventually money,” said Nations.

These graphs have helped Speelman conserve water and money

"I think for the most part it is making me aware.”

About 5,000 residents in College Station will be getting the letters with information sometime next week.

Residents in the following neighborhoods in College Station will be getting the letters:

Brandon Heights
Edelweiss Estates
Emerald Forest
Southwood Forest
Stone Forest
The Glade
Woodland Hills