CS Homicide Suspect Gets Probation

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A shooting 14 months ago that left a local mother of two dead has landed the shooter a probation sentence.

Kenneth Connor, 23, will spend the next ten years on probation after a guilty plea for criminally negligent homicide. He faces prison time if he violates the terms.

On New Year's Day 2012, Connor, Whitney Paskey-Pullen and Colin McHenry were at an apartment on Cain Road in College Station when a gun Connor was allegedly waving around went off, striking Paskey-Pullen, 21, in the head and killing her.

Connor had been in the Brazos County jail since the day after the shooting on more than $100,000 bond awaiting trial.

Connor and McHenry had reportedly each dated Paskey-Pullen. McHenry had been arrested a week before the shooting for allegedly assaulting Paskey-Pullen.

Both Connor and McHenry have prior drug-related arrests, and authorities believe the trio was smoking marijuana before the shooting.

McHenry, 24, faces trial on May 14 for a felony charge of unlawful possession of a firearm. He was jailed two days after the shooting on a drug possession charge, and has been behind bars since his January 21, 2012 arrest on the firearm charge and others. Bond is set at $56,000 total.