CS Man Accused of Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend

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A College Station man was arrested over the weekend for breaking into the home of his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend. But police say burglary isn't the only crime he committed. The current boyfriend left his home in search of a possible suspect, and then went to the police department. And police say when the female victim was left alone, she claims the suspect broke in a second time and assaulted her.

According to police, after numerous unsuccessful attempts at hearing a response from his ex-girlfriend, 27-year-old College Station resident Justin Holloway allegedly took matters into his own hands...

"He continued test messaging and calling her and they tried ignoring him and told him they didn't want to speak with him,” said College Station Police Assistant Chief Brandy Norris.

Police say Holloway's ex-girlfriend was staying in her new boyfriend’s home in the Autumn Chase neighborhood in College Station Friday night. With that in mind, just before 4 that morning, it’s believed Holloway opened a window and broke into the home.

“There was evidence that led us to believe that someone had been outside the home and had been wandering around the home prior to entry being made,” Norris said.

According to reports, Holloway was texting and calling his ex around 8 that evening; he even showed up at the home to see her, but was told to leave.

Around 4 that morning, Holloway's ex-girlfriend was sleeping beside her boyfriend, who quickly woke up to the sound of an intruder walking up the stairs.

“When he heard someone was in his home he had a weapon in his bedroom and loaded it which has a fairly distinctive sound, and that was the point that he heard the footsteps going back down the stairs,” said Norris.

After a thorough check of the home -- the police report said the burglary victim needed to clear his mind, so he drove around and ended up going to the College Station Police Department to file a report. But according to court documents, after he drove away, Holloway broke in again -- walked back up the stairs -- and sexually assaulted his ex.

While the burglary victim was at the police station filling out a report -- court document says he received a text message.

"He received a text from his girlfriend’s cell phone advising that she had been assaulted by him [Holloway],” said Norris.

The police report says Holloway took a picture of the sexual assault on the victim's cell phone sent it to her boyfriend -- along with a message that said quote, “I had sex with Justin. I'm sorry. You shouldn't have left. I'm sorry it was in your bed."

Holloway was arrested at his residence on Colgate Drive.

“Make sure you get the appropriate authorities involved if necessary and if it comes down to it, do what you have to do to protect yourself but make sure you make every effort to notify authorities so that the system can also help protect you,” added Norris.