CS Man Sentenced in Drug-Related Shooting on Holik Drive

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“This case centers around a death so you always start with homicide,” said Brazos County District Attorney Bill Turner.

It's been 46 days since a home on Holik Drive in College Station became the center of a death investigation.

“Two fellows agreed to purchase marijuana from Mr. Reese,” explained Turner.

Prosecutors say Christopher Reeves and Robert Farr had plans to purchase marijuana from Robert Reese; but District Attorney Bill Turner says the two men had a change of plans.

“They decided rather than purchasing it [marijuana] they were going to steal it,” added Turner.

Christopher Reeves was subsequently shot in the back after entering Robert Reese's College Station home. He died 30 minutes later at a nearby hospital. Reese was later taken into custody where investigators would determine the chemical engineering student legally used force with a deadly weapon as a means of self-defense.

“If there is a theft at night time or someone is robbing or burglarizing, the law authorizes you to use deadly force if necessary,” said Turner.

But in a room filled with families from both sides of the crime; Reese did plead guilty Friday to a charge of tampering with evidence.

"Since this was involving an illegal drug transaction we searched the record to find what would fit in this case and it was tampering with evidence because after the killing he hid both the gun and his marijuana,” said Turner. “But we do want everyone to know that if you end up in that kind of business and something goes wrong in Brazos County, then you are not going to have a friend inside this courthouse and you will end up in the penitentiary."

Reese was sentenced to five years in prison, but the DA says if Reese carries out the requests of TDCJ over the next six months, he could be eligible for shock probation.