CS Murderer Receives Execution Date

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A convicted Brazos County murderer now has a date set for his execution.

District Judge Travis Bryan III has scheduled Carl Henry Blue's lethal injection for February 21 in Huntsville.

The 47-year-old has been on death row since his 1995 conviction for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Carmen Richards-Sanders, at her College Station apartment. Blue threw gasoline on the 38-year-old back in 1994 and lit her on fire. Another person at the apartment was injured.

Blue has been appealing to higher courts, claiming he is mentally impaired and ineligible to be put to death by law. In 2007, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled that since the handicap argument wasn't made in the original appeals, it would not be accepted as a valid argument.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was the last to reject Blue's case. The only higher court is the U.S. Supreme Court.

Blue has been on death row in Livingston longer than anyone currently there that was convicted of a Brazos County crime. Marcus Druery was due to die August 1 for a 2002 murder of a fellow college student, but he successfully argued for a hearing to determine whether he is competent to be executed.

John Thuesen killed two people in College Station in 2009 and was sentenced to death. So was Stanley Griffin, who was convicted of killing an acquaintance in College Station in 2010.

Christian Olsen had been sentenced to die for the 2007 murder of an elderly neighbor, but the punishment -- not the guilty verdict -- was overturned because an appeals court ruled a witness should have been allowed to testify, but wasn't. Olsen currently sits in the Brazos County Jail awaiting a decision by the Brazos County District Attorney's Office on whether they will seek death again.