CS Pit Bull Rescue Group Takes in Two Californian Dogs with Cancer

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Taking care of sick animals can sometimes be a heartbreaking job. But what about those animals with a terminal disease, like cancer?

A pit bull rescue group in College Station is taking in two dogs from California, both with little time left.

"We've gotten some crying in already, you know," said Gwendolyn Inocencio. Emotions run high when caring for sick animals.

"Sometimes we just call each other and cry," she continued. They have two more arriving.

The final leg in a long car ride from California. The job of Long Way Home Pit Bull Rescue in College Station is to make dogs as comfortable as possible.

"Some of them, their disease escalates to the point where they're fine and then overnight it's very evident they need to go and then some of them we have to make the hard decision that now is the right time," explained Inocencio.

Time isn't always on the animal's side. The wait, for the caretakers, wasn't long. In the middle of our interview, the grey Chrysler mini-van carrying two new additions pulled in the parking lot.

Cookie Monster in a protective cone. Wyatt in the crate behind him. Both of them driven cross-country by Justin Weilein.

"Actually wasn't that bad," said Weilein of his 22 hour drive. He almost made it without stopping. All for two dying dogs to get a final homecoming.

We've heard that Wyatt and Cookie Monster are settling in with their new families quite well. Facebook was a major factor in Long Way Home and the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center getting these dogs to Texas.