CS Restaurant Connected to Salmonella Outbreak

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COLLEGE STATION - Fuego Tortilla Grill in College Station has closed voluntarily after a salmonella outbreak was connected to the eatery.

According to the Brazos County Health Department, they and the Department of State Health Services have been investigating the health issue, which started with cases in September and have continued "intermittently" since then.

Of 30 cases confirmed to be salmonella, 26 were residents of Brazos County or had traveled to the county, according to the BCHD.

Investigators keyed in on Fuego, and results of testing done on samples taken from the Poplar Street restaurant May 13 were positive for the Ohio strain of salmonella. Four of the 36 samples contained the Salmonella Typhimurium-Ohio serotype, health officials said. The results came back from testing Friday.

No deaths have been reported from this outbreak.

Beyond a press release Friday, BCHD officials say they will not comment on the case until a press conference set for Saturday morning.

"BCHD is working very closely with Fuego's Restaurant to find the source of the bacteria, and how to prevent this type of event from recurring," the release said. "Fuego's Restaurant's management has been cooperative during this investigation, and has closed voluntarily today, when they received the news about the lab samples."

Salmonella symptoms include headache, stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting which can last four to seven days.