CS Woman Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Have Child's Father Killed

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas *6 P.M. Update*

College Station Police say they caught a woman paying someone who she thought was a hit man to kill the father of her child.

It turns out the hit man was an undercover police officer.

33-year-old Nicolette Beard was arrested Wednesday at her home for solicitation to commit capital murder.

Police say she wanted the father of her 7-year-old son, 30-year-old Anthony Drymalla III of College Station killed and would pay $4,000.

Brian Williams is Beard's neighbor on San Benito Court in College Station.

"I walked outside and there was an entire squad of cops all in tactical gear and everything so I had no idea what was going on," Williams said.

College Station Police began their investigation Wednesday afternoon when one of Beard's friends told them Beard was looking for a hit man to murder Drymalla.

Police believe the motive was an upcoming child custody hearing.

"We got the gentleman with an undercover investigator to meet with her and see if she was, is planning on going through with it," said Lt. Lesley Hicks of the College Station Police Department.

According to police, the confidential informant took Nicolette Beard's 7-year-old son inside the Kroger here on Rock Prairie Road in College Station, while she and the undercover officer spoke inside a vehicle. It was here they decided that she would pay $4,000 for the murder.

College Station Police Lt. Lesley Hicks say they brought Drymalla in for his safety during the investigation.

"She wanted to get some money from an ATM, but it didn't work so she said she had cash at home. So they drove back to her house where she got $800 and a drivers license with the target's picture on it," said Hicks.

"I mean it's just sad that somebody would try to kill the father of her child," said Brian Williams.

After a down payment was exchanged she was arrested without incident by police that were following them.

Nicolette Beard remains in the Brazos County Jail on a $100,000 bond as well as a 24-hour hold if she is able to post bond.

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A College Station woman is in jail, charged with trying to have the father of her child killed.

Police say Nicolette Beard, 33, is being charged with Solicitation of Capital Murder.

According to a probable cause statement released Thursday morning, a man went to College Station Police Wednesday, September 25th, with the information that Beard was looking to have her child's father killed. The man said that Beard and the father of her child were in a custody battle. The man told police that Beard had made several off hand comments about the child's father, but made a comment on the 25th that she wanted it done by Friday, September 27th. Friday was the next court date for Beard and the custody of her child.

The child's father was located by College Station police officers. He, his wife and 7-year-old son were brought to CSPD for their safety. Meanwhile, according to investigators, a sting operation was devised to see if Beard would follow through with her plan to have the man killed.

Police arranged for an undercover officer to meet with Beard at a local grocery store parking lot. The man who informed the police, and the undercover agent, picked up Beard and her child. The man took Beard's child inside the store while she and the undercover officer talked about the details of her hit.

According to police documents, Beard agreed to pay "how ever much it will take for [the hit man] to get it done." They agreed on $4,000 for the murder. During their conversation, investigators say that Beard asked to "make it look like an accident." Beard also said that if, in the process of killing the man, the man's wife and son were injured or killed she "wouldn't have a problem with that."

The officer asked Beard for a picture of the man and she gave him an old driver's license photo. Investigators say that Beard agreed to give the undercover officer $2,000 that night and $2,000 after the murder was done.

After they agreed to the terms of the murder, Beard called the man inside the store back to the vehicle, according to police documents. She then drove to an ATM machine to pull out the money, but was unable to get the cash. She explained that she had $800 at home and could get the other $1,200 the next day.

According to the arrest report, the undercover officer rode with Beard back to her house. She went inside for a few minutes, then returned with the $800. It was then that officers arrested Beard for the criminal solicitation of capital murder.

Beard is currently in the Brazos County Jail. No bond has been set.