CS Woman Shares Story of Father's Deadly Case of E. coli

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A College Station woman knows how fast-acting and dangerous E. coli can be first-hand, because her father died from it.

"He was just the glue...the glue that held our family together," said Lisa Brown.

Her father, Patrick Cangelosi, was born and raised in Bryan. He was an Aggie, and he was deeply loved by his family.

"We have the break down of before daddy died, and after daddy died. I mean, it was that significant of a life presence that was removed from our family. We miss him every day," said Brown.

Brown says her dad started feeling sick on a Monday afternoon in 2009.

"Just a bunch of stomach problems, all the things that are related to food poisoning," said Brown.

She says her father thought it would pass, but he got even worse on Tuesday. That's when the family decided Patrick needed to see a doctor.

"My dad was still walking when he got in the car to go to the ER, and by the time they got there, he was in full cardiac arrest," said Brown.

Patrick never regained consciousness. Eighteen hours later, doctors told the family he was brain dead. Patrick died on Wednesday-- two days after he first got sick. He was 64 years old.

An autopsy later revealed that Patrick had somehow contracted meat-based E. coli.

His daughter says he might have survived if he had gone to the hospital sooner.

"If doing this story can help other people who may have some symptoms come in early enough to where they don't have to have this experience, then it is worth it," said Brown.

Patrick Cangelosi's family says the autopsy was able to pinpoint the day and general time that he contracted E Coli. But to this day, they still aren't sure where the contaminated food came from.

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