CS Woman Wants Daughter's Death Case Reopened After Man Arrested Following Separate Manhunt

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BRYAN - A College Station mom says jail is where Kenneth Wayne Connor belongs.

Connor was convicted of criminally negligent homicide for the shooting death of her daughter, Whitney Paskey-Pullen, in 2012.

News 3 looks at why she's not surprised he would hurt someone again and why she wants her daughter's case reopened.

Holly Paskey is glad 24-year-old Kenneth Wayne Connor is behind bars again.

"People that knew him from Snook stated that he was odd, he had characteristics of violence throughout his whole life and it's very apparent that he's not gonna get any better and it’s just really sad that our family was total violated by this man and it hasn't stopped. And it’s sad when you look at the whole picture that if he gets a slap on the hand when somebody else may not have, they may not get as much grace and mercy if they were to violate the law," said Holly Paskey of College Station.

Before being tracked down in a Friday manhunt after allegedly assaulting two women, Connor admitted to accidentally shooting Holly's daughter, Whitney Paskey-Pullen.

He was sentenced to ten years probation which is now being revoked.

"I would like for them to reopen the case," said Paskey.

Investigators say Whitney, her ex-boyfriend Kenneth Wayne Connor and then-boyfriend Colin McHenry were all using marijuana and passing around a gun when it fired, hitting her in the head on New Year's Day 2012 in College Station.

The District Attorney's Office tells us they will be looking over the case as they consider new potential punishments for the latest allegations.

"It's been very hard on our family emotionally and for everybody and I'm just glad he's behind bars right now and I hope he stays there, I really do," said Holly Paskey.

Kenneth Wayne Connor could get two to ten years in prison if he's convicted of violating his probation.

Connor remains in the Brazos County Jail on a $250,000 bond as well as a hold for violating probation.