CSFD Rescues Dog From Burning Northgate Apartment

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Update: The Bryan Fire Department has released a cause of the afternoon fire in Northgate. Investigators say a cigarette that was not completely put out was left on the balcony of an upstairs unit.


It's a scene no one wants to pull up to, but for residents of this fourplex at 701 Gaytha Road in Bryan, it's exactly what happened Thursday afternoon.

"I came home from class and my apartment building was burning down," said A&M student Abbie Ince.

Ince was in tears as she arrived worried about her dog Georgia.

"I wanted my dog to be ok and I started freaking out because she is the love of my life and I don't know what I'd do without her," said Ince.

The College Station Fire Department was first on the scene and Captain Chris Kelly led the charge checking for people and pets still in the building.

"They were doing a fire attack and we were told to do a primary search of the apartment," said Kelly.

Kelly searched Abbie's apartment and was able to find Georgia safe and sound.

"The homeowner had stated that she was out and there was a dog still in there. So when we found the dog, that completed our primary search," said Kelly.

While Abbie was reunited with her old friend, her neighbor wasn't as lucky, losing his 2 month old husky dog in the fire.

Abbie took some time to comfort her neighbor and thank Captain Kelly.

"I'm so thankful for him. He saved my dog's life and I can't express to him how thankful I am," said Ince.

"It's always a nice feeling to make somebody else have a better day. She was having a bad day and that made her day a little bit easier," said Ince.

The fire was contained to one building but all four apartments in that building are no longer inhabitable.