CSISD Launches Emergency Alert Text Messaging for Parents

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COLLEGE STATION- When it comes to school cancellations or delays due to weather, the College Station Independent School District is launching a new emergency notification text messaging system just for parents. It's a new way the district is reaching out to parents to keep them informed of their childrens' safety at all times.

David Hart has three daughters who are enrolled in the College Station Independent School District. After school shooting incidents across the country, he said he is always concerned about their safety. Now, worried parents like Hart can feel a little more sense of security since the district has started a new emergency text messaging system.

"I think it's great because anything that's going to improve the communications to the parents is a plus," Hart said.

It's called SchoolMessenger and it is an exclusive app just for parents. It will let guardians know immediately if school has been released early, delayed, canceled or if there is a crisis on the campus.

"It'll help with avoiding just rumors and just rampant texts and emails from a parent who heard this or someone who thought they saw this happen at the school and we'll actually get the straight news from the district," the parent said. "I think that will help things out a lot."

CSISD is not alone in using this emergency notification system. Since 1999, educators across the nation have trusted SchoolMessenger and it is even used by the US Military.

Chuck Glenewinkel with the school district said it is the best alert system, and texting parents about emergencies is the next step to improve communication within the district.

"This is simply another avenue for College Station ISD to supplement what it already does in it's communication efforts," Glenewinkel said.

And parents like Hart are grateful the district is keeping everyone informed.

"I'm looking forward to getting the chance to join the system and -- I say put it to use, hopefully only for early dismissals and not for any bad situations that take place, but I think it will be a great thing," Hart said.

College Station ISD parents who want to receive emergency text messages from the district just need to text "yes" to the number 68453.