CSPD Continuing To Investigate Shooting Death of Bryan Man

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Police are investigating a late night shooting in College Station that left a robbery suspect dead.

Christopher Reeves of Bryan died after police say he was somehow shot while attempting to rob a home.

News 3 was on scene all morning and discovered why investigators are still trying to piece together what happened.

College Station Police say 28-year-old Christopher Reeves died after being transported to the College Station Medical Center after someone shot him during an attempted home robbery.

Police say 28-year-old Robert Farr was waiting in a car and drove him to the hospital after the incident that possibly happened at a house on Holik Drive.

A SWAT Team lined the sidewalk of this normally suburban setting after Farr spoke with police.

Brooke Allen works just across the street as a Vet Technician.

"I just saw a bunch of cop cars, an armored vehicle, just ambulances ready and waiting . So I didn't know what was going on," said Allen, who works at Anderson Ridge Veterinary Hospital.

After a time of waiting and trying to make contact police handcuffed and questioned a man and woman who came out of the home when asked.

They were investigating to see if they were a part of the incident.

For a short time police kept people like A&M Consolidated Student Connor White from running through.

"That's really all they said. They just said that area is blocked off from people going through," said White, who was out running.

Police say the robbery wasn't random. Due to the ongoing investigation they aren't saying what items the suspects were allegedly after.

"We're hoping to be able to secure physical evidence to determine whether or not this is an actual location that it was a crime scene or if it happened somewhere else," said Officer Rhonda Seaton with the College Station Police Department.

Both have criminal histories in Brazos County with more than half a dozen arrests for charges including burglary of a vehicle, and possession of marijuana.

Police say Robert Farr has been talking to police

Farr remains in custody at the College Station Police Department.

He is charged with criminal attempted robbery.

It's unknown if the suspects were carrying weapons during the incident.

While a shooter has not been arrested police say they do not believe there is an immediate threat to the public.