CSPD Credit Good Samaritans Efforts During Robbery and Assault

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COLLEGE STATION College Station Police are crediting a witness's description as the tipping point in the arrest of an alleged purse snatcher who they say punched a woman yesterday in a local restaurant parking lot.

A 28-year-old woman was assaulted Monday just after noon as she was walking to her car from a restaurant at the 600 block of Texas Avenue and Live Oak in College Station.

“The suspect began to strike her with his fists and he utilized his hands to hit her head against the stirring wheel,” said College Station Police Lieutenant and Public Information Officer Chuck Fleeger.

She was able to get inside the vehicle, but that's when College Station Police Lieutenant Chuck Fleeger says…

“A motorist who observed the struggle pulled into the parking lot to assist the victim; they then began to follow the suspect," Fleeger said.

The suspect grabbed the victim's purse and fled on foot down Live Oak to Poplar Street. Little did he know the eye witness was right behind him the entire time.

The eye witness told police the suspect got into a waiting vehicle, which allowed officers to locate the car. Although the suspect fled on foot, the driver told police who the suspect was. Not too long after a warrant was issued for 29-year-old Anterius Demon Ashley, Robertson County Sheriff's Deputies were able to track down the Calvert resident and take him into custody. Now police are crediting the good Samaritans efforts.

“They immediately called police and provided invaluable information that led to the eventual identity of the suspect. If they hadn't have done so our job would have been much more difficult if not impossible,” said Fleeger.

We're told the woman's purse was recovered. The investigation is still on going and additional arrests and charges are possible.