CSPD Investigating Back-To-Back Burglaries at Scott & White Pharmacy

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COLLEGE STATION - Police are looking for the burglars who hit a College Station pharmacy twice this week taking controlled substances, including painkillers.

The suspects went through the roof to get into the Scott and White Pharmacy on Highway 6.

News 3 has the latest from police on the investigation.

Burglars hit the Scott & White Pharmacy along Highway 6, south of University Drive in College Station twice this week; around 4 Sunday morning and around 6 Monday morning according to College Station Police Lt. Chuck Fleeger.

"On both occasions when the officers arrived on scene during their investigation they were able to determine that entry had been forced into the building and suspects at that time had entered in and removed an unknown amount of property," he said.

Information hasn't been released yet on Sunday's break-in, but according to a police report the burglars caused $1,500 of damage Monday when the suspects broke in through the roof and damaged a window.

They got away with 100 bottles of prescription medications include pain killers.

"At this time we don't have any idea as to the total number of suspects or definitively that both offenses are related. There are a lot of similarities but again until we determine exactly who was involved," said Fleeger.

There have been several pharmacy burglaries recently in our area.

You may remember this one in February at the
GoldStar Pharmacy at the St. Joseph Medical Office building on Highway 6.

An arrest was made in the case.

And last year in Brenham thieves stole prescription drugs from Norman's Pharmacy after cutting a hole in the roof to get in.

Police responded to the Scott & White Pharmacy after the alarm was tripped but the suspects were gone.

"They are continuing to look for any leads. We're asking that anyone who has information because of the nature of this offense we feel that somebody here locally may know the suspects or may have heard something or seen something," said Fleeger.

The pharmacy is back open with no apparent signs a crime was committed.

Police say Scott & White Pharmacy staff are going through inventory to determine exactly what was taken.

If you have any information call College Station Police at (979) 764-3600 or Crimestoppers at 775-TIPS (8477).