CSPD Officers Meet With Residents, Students After Complaints In Neighborhood

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As the number of college students in College Station goes up, police are working to keep the peace in neighborhoods where college students, families and older adults all converge.

Police have gotten a number of complaints in an area of Rock Prairie Road West about loud parties, noise, and tight parking.

Thursday College Station Police canvassed the neighborhood to meet neighbors and work to establish better relationships between neighbors.

News 3 was there and residents we spoke with were glad to see police.

College Station Police were making house calls off Keefer Loop.

They weren't fighting crime, but rather trying to prevent it.

"I was curious to know what was going on," said Chris LaPlant , a College Station resident.

LaPlant has lived here for three years with his family and has a few college students as neighbors, but mostly family neighbors on Toni Court.

"You might get a car stereo or something like that or somebody out here screaming, hooping and hollering you know…Yeah we'll get a lot of noise from the backstreet over there every now and then, but College Station always been there to take care of that for us," he said.

"A lot of times the students are newcomers, don't realize it's a problem and that they need to be a good neighbor," said Sgt. Calder Lively of the College Station Police Department.

Sgt. Jay Summers says complaints began about a year ago.

"Loud parties, disorderly conduct, disturbances, parking complaints, things along those lines and we've taken a proactive measure to try and address those," said Summers.

Allyson Pilgrim and Lindsie Taylor try to be good neighbors as Texas A&M students and say the police presence gives them peace of mind.

"It does make you feel a lot more comfortable and I noticed a lot of police out like in traffic and everything and cracking down on traffic violations and just driving and everything," said Taylor.

"We know that we have somebody we can call and talk to about it and they actually care about us," said Pilgrim.

After the visit in the neighborhood, police were able to leave information on how to be better neighbors at 100 houses, and make contact with about 40 people.

College Station Police make the the door to door stops at various neighborhoods usually once a semester.

Texas A&M University Police as well as members of the Aggie Up Be a Good Neighbor Program helped too.