CSPD Red Light Operation

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CSPD issued 12 violations Monday during their Red Light Traffic Operation. The main goal of this exercise is to educate the public on the severity of this particular violation and to prevent future vehicle accidents.

"Either they're running late to class or they're busy on their cell phone and they're not paying attention to the light as it changes," said CSPD Traffic Officer Robert Turner.

Turner said the main reason behind Monday's traffic operation isn't to simply issue tickets, but to reduce the number of future accidents.

When someone is desperately trying to make that light, it's likely their car is at full speed. According to police, a light remains yellow for about 4 seconds. If there isn't enough time to make that light, police said that's when someone can easily broadside another car, which can lead to a major unnecessary crash.

According to statistics provided by CSPD, compared to this time last year, the number of total accidents has decreased roughly 20 percent. The total number of accidents for 2012 added up to 2,350. However, this time last year, 1,669 accidents were counted and so far this year, 1,345 accidents have occurred. Officers aim to lower that trend even more.

As officers grace the streets, they want to convey the fact they mean serious business when it comes to keeping the streets safe. Enforcement Lights enable officers to keep their enforcement high without risking their own safety. These are the white lights attached to the sides of the street light poles.

"It allows us to stay in a spot and monitor the 4 approaches a lot easier, “said Turner.

You may recall more strict driving laws went into effect September 1, 2013. This included the ban of cell phone use in school zones. Although you're still permitted to talk and text in most areas of the state, Turner believes that'll soon change.

"I think it's coming," said Turner. "If you pull up to an intersection, next time you're there, take into account of how many people you can see on their phones; it'll probably amaze you."

CSPD said there will be more Red Light Traffic Operations this week. You are cautioned to obey the speed limits and heed traffic lights accordingly.