CSPD Says Suspected Ambulance Thief Also Stole Car, Shoplifted Too

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A Bryan man told police and several witnesses he was on drugs while allegedly shoplifting, stealing a car, and then stealing a College Station ambulance.

News 3 discovered more on the suspect Coty Lohse and saw surveillance video from the store where the alleged crime spree started.

College Station Police say 28-year-old Coty Lohse committed a series of crimes including stealing an ambulance Monday afternoon.

Police say it started with a shoplifting at the Q Beauty Store on North Texas Avenue in Bryan.

Sung Hee Han is the owner and says Lohse was with a woman and they were caught on camera.

"They looked around just looked like normal customers," said Han.

Han says he emptied his pockets several times but the theft alarm continued to go off.

"I go hold my door and he came to me and pushed the door and then girl pulled into the door. And then oh I thought maybe he going to try to hit me, I better let them go," Han recalled.

Han lost track of them but minutes later Lohse allegedly stole a Nissan Versa delivery car just a block away with keys in them, at the CarQuest Auto Parts Store.

He is then accused of hitting a car and driving away in Bryan before hitting another car in College Station.

That's when paramedics where called and Lohse was charged with stealing their ambulance with the lights running.

"So the ambulance crew went to check out patients. One of the patients obviously didn’t want to be there and he hopped in the ambulance and took off while the crew was checking on another patient," said Bart Humphreys, College Station Fire Department Public Information Officer.

Witness Willie Creeks says he asked for help and a ride after dumping the ambulance in the middle of Holleman Drive. He told Creeks and police he'd been doing drugs.

"He was acting very strange, really strange and I didn't realize how serious it was until it was all over. It all happened so fast," said Willie Creeks.

Lohse has seven arrests in Brazos County including evading arrest, assault and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Lohse remains in the Brazos County Jail after being treated at the College Station Medical Center.

College Station Fire Officials say a reserve ambulance is being used while the damaged one gets repaired.

The $250,000 ambulance had minor scrape damage on the side after police say Lohse struck a concrete bollard while at the McDonald's drive-thru on George Bush Drive.

It's unclear if the other woman seen in the store will face charges after Lohse allegedly shoplifted.

College Station Fire Officials say it's been 25 years since someone attempted to steal an ambulance.