CSPD, TABC Investigating Fatal Train Accident

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College Station Police are investigating a pedestrian-train fatality that happened at approximately 3 a.m. Sunday morning near the 100 block of Wellborn Rd North.

“A little before 3 we received a 9-1-1 call from Union Pacific telling us a pedestrian had been hit on the train tracks,” said College Station Police Department Public Information Officer Rhonda Seaton.

Responding officers found 19-year-old Garrett Luce deceased on the scene. Luce was a 19 year old College Station resident and a sophomore at Texas A&M University. He was a pledge at the Kappa Alpha fraternity.

Union Pacific Railroads Spokesperson, Raquel Espinoza, said the train engineer saw something on the track from about a quarter of a mile away

“The engineer sounded the whistle as soon as he realized it was a person on the tracks. The engineer put the train into emergency in an effort to stop the train, but the train was not able to stop before impact,” said Espinoza in a phone interview with News 3.

Investigators say Luce was alone at the time of the accident. His body was sent to Travis County for autopsy. Police say it will take weeks to determine if alcohol was involved.

“He was laying on the track. The train whistle was sounded two different times before the accident. He was not wearing ear phones and should have been able to hear the train whistle both times. We just don't know why he didn't respond to those warnings,” said Espinoza.

College Station Police say details about the accident are limited because they are just beginning their investigation. But they aren't the only agency looking for answers, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is also launching an investigation.

“We are investigating what he was doing in the area at that time. I mean, it was 3 in the morning. We're looking into if he had been with friends at the Northgate district and wandered off,” said Espinoza.

Texas A&M Greek Life Representatives say they are not investigating the accident, because there were no official fraternity activities that night.