CSPD Investigating Teen Fight That Parent Watched

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College Station Police have now stepped in to investigate an off-campus fight between two A&M Consolidated High School girls in which the mother of one of the girls attended the fight.

It's a story we first showed you yesterday.
Police explain how stopping the fight may not be enough to keep the mother out of trouble.

Usually there are consequences for your actions, like this fight between two teens, but sometimes a lack of action, can get you into trouble too.

Officer Rhonda Seaton, with the College Station Police Department, said, "I don't think that you can be granted automatic immunity because you stepped in at some point. It really depends on what happened before...how long it went on...all the circumstances involved."

College Station Police are investigating an off campus fight between two A&M Consolidated High School girls, in which the mother of one of the students was present and can be seen in this cell phone video.
She eventually breaks up the beat down.

"That's all we ask parents to be, are be responsible adults," said Seaton.

The girls can ask police to press charges against each other, but not the adult woman, because she wasn't fighting...but she's not in the clear yet.

Seaton said, "Witnesses are being talked to, evidence is being reviewed and the information will be presented to the prosecutors to see if any charges will be filed."

CSPD also wants you to know school resource officers can break up fights whether they happen on, or off campus.

College Station Police officers say they can also subpoena anyone's cell phone video, pictures or text messages that might be useful during their investigation.

Disciplinary action has been taken by the school toward the older girl in the fight, after another incident that happened yesterday.