CSU Catches Man Stealing Power After Being Cut Off

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COLLEGE STATION A College Station man is accused of stealing power after his got cut off.

Waylon Dale Leggett, 33, is facing charges after College Station Utilities said he tampered with a electric meter. Legget's power was cut off on December 12th. When crews were out to check meters on December 20th, they found a meter missing in the 2300 block of Longmire was found on Leggett's apartment. CSU said that Leggett's power had been cut off because of non-payment.

CSU crews told police that the plastic rings put on the meter to prevent them from being turned on was cut. They also believed that the person responsible for the meter theft would remove the meter during times when they are read to prevent being caught. Crews removed the meter from Leggett's apartment and locked the panel to stop it from happening again.

Police talked to Leggett in January about the alleged power theft. He told them relatives staying at his apartment must have done it. Leggett couldn't provide police with any information about those relatives. Officers say Leggett was the only person staying at the apartment during the time of the theft. He was arrested and charged with impairment or interruption of public service. His bond is set at $8,000.