CS Man Admits to Stealing from Freebird's Customer

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A College Station man admitted to stealing three travelers checks from a customer who left his checkbook at the Freebirds near Highway 6.

22-year-old Kenneth Hineman was arrested Sunday and charged with theft after telling College Station police he cashed three $100 travelers checks. According to the police report, he told cops that he used the money for his own benefit.

College Station police received a call back on April 16th from David Pfannstiel. Pfannstiel said he left three $100 travelers checks and his checkbook at the restaurant before leaving for a cruise.

When he returned, there were three messages on his phone from Freebirds employees asking him to pick up the checkbook, reports state. When he went to pick up the checkbook, he said, the travelers checks were missing.

When CSPD called American Express to follow up on the missing checks, they told police who cashed them, but couldn't determine where.

Hineman was the manager on duty the day of the theft, but told police he didn't remember seeing any travelers checks in the checkbook that was found.

Hineman eventually admitted to cashing the checks without the owner’s permission.