CS Recall Backers Respond to Recall Failure

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The Save Wellborn Group is reacting to the failed attempt to recall the College Station Mayor and two council members.

Timothy Delsandro with the organization told News 3 Saturday night while they are disappointed with the results of the election, they respect the voters' decision and plan to continue to keep council members accountable.

"Obviously we are disappointed with the outcome. We knew recall was going to be contentious. We felt it was a measured response to the City of College Station not listening to its own citizens on the recall vote," said Timothy Delasandro.

No word yet on what Save Wellborn's next move will be; however we're told they will continue the political action process.

The following statement was released by Timothy Delasandro of Save Wellborn.

"We are disappointed in the failure of the recall measures. We understood from the beginning that recall could be contentious. We believe that is was a measured reaction to a Council that did not listen to its Citizens on the annexation vote.

"We believe that the best interests of College Station are best decided by the Citizens of College Station. And so, we respect tonight’s vote.

"We will continue to work to hold this Council accountable to our Citizens. Political action is a process, not an event. There is always another election moving forward. We will move forward as well.”