Cade Lake Volunteer Fire Department Working on Slim Budget

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When your house is on fire or you have an emergency, every minute is critical. Having to wait for first responders can mean the difference in preventing further damage.

Many times, the first people to arrive on scene are volunteers. These firefighters work regular jobs during the day, but answer the call when needed.

In the small community of Cade Lake in Burleson County, their volunteer fire department is making ends meet.

About 7 miles outside Caldwell sits Cade Lake Volunteer Fire Department. It's not much to look at, but it's not here to be pretty.

"Me and my brother started, when we started in '86," said David Pevehouse. He's been with Cade Lake since the start -- the chief since the 90s.

Protecting the residents in his 22 mile jurisdiction is vital.

"Five minutes, you may burn up a room, but you still save the house. Another 10 minutes for the next department to come in... when you got an emergency, that one minute seems like 15 in a way, so yeah it makes a difference," said Pevehouse.

Cade Lake's annual fundraiser brings in a good chunk of it's operating budget. At least half of it, according to Pevehouse.

"This is ,to us, the key point on how we look at all the maintenance expenses, what we can and cannot do on getting newer equipment," explained Pevehouse.

Many of the department's vehicles are over 20 years old, one nearly 50. The youngest truck in the department required some patience.

"We waited almost 6 years for a grant to come through," said Pevehouse.

Now that the truck is here, Pevehouse hopes no one will have to wait long for help.

Sunday, March 10th, the Cade Lake Volunteer Fire Department is holding their annual BBQ fundraiser. From 11am to 1pm, out at the Burleson County Expo Center & Fairgrounds, you can get a BBQ plate for $8. They will also have a silent auction and raffle tickets.