Caldwell ISD Looking To Gain Votes In November

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Caldwell ISD is looking at a new plan to get voters on their side for the November election.

The multi-million dollar bond up on this weekend's ballot would have built a new middle school for Caldwell I-S-D and renovate other campuses, but the voters rejected the proposal by a significant margin.

They want residents to approve a $52.7 million dollar bond that would build a new middle school and pay for construction for other campuses.

Superintendent Dr. Janet Cummings says that's the highest bond proposal residents in Caldwell have ever faced. That high number means an increase in taxes, but she thinks putting the proposal back on the ballot in November and informing citizens more about the need for the money could change their vote.

"It requires education and educating the public. It is a very steep price,” said Dr. Cummings.

If the proposal doesn't pass in November, Dr. Cummings says it will be challenging for the district to accommodate the increasing population.

“If it would not be feasible to build because of the bond program right now, then we would have to look at stacking the classrooms 22 to 1 ratio as well as purchasing portables out of a fund balance somewhere near the campus,” said Dr. Cummings.

The results from the election:

Proposition 1:
For- 228
Against- 1,034