Calvert Police To Be Out In Force Over New Year's

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Drunk driving always shoots up this time of the year as people celebrate the holidays, especially New Year's.

A local police department known for its speed enforcement will turn its attention to a DWI crackdown beginning on New Year's Eve.

It's a familiar scene if you've ever driven through Calvert on Highway 6.

Police keep a close eye on speeders and drivers breaking the law.

And police will be out in full force starting New Year's Eve when all four Calvert Officers will be rotating shifts well into New Year's Day.

Rev. Alvin Wells Senior is a lifelong resident and is pleased with the plan not only for his own safety, but to try and better protect his 4-year- old granddaughter too.

"There are a lot of people that drink and drive and as a result there's a lot of accidents and some of them result in tragedies. And it's very unfortunate but we do need our highways policed more," Wells said.

Calvert Police Chief Nancy Juvrud and her officers, won't be the only ones watching.

"We'll be working with the constables and the sheriff's department to make sure everyone stays safe on the roadways. DPS is gonna be out and so everybody is concentrating on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day to make sure everyone arrives home safely," Chief Juvrud said.

While Chief Juvrud has done this working at other agencies, it's the first time she's implemented this patrol plan here.

"As long as people are out and need to be safe we'll be out," she said.

"You know once they're out on the highway and stopping people that's driving while drinking, man you can't complain about that," said Alvin Wells.

A warning to all travelers to drive safely in 2013 and always.

During last year's holiday season from December 1, 2011 to New Year's Day 2012 TxDOT says there were 2,462 alcohol-related crashes statewide.