Candidates & Supporters Talk Shop At Local Polling Places

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With election day upon us, there's nothing like the atmosphere at polling places across the country.

Here in the Brazos Valley the polls were busy, especially in Bryan where several races were held today.

It makes for an interesting scene with candidates and supporters welcoming voters.

"Good morning, thanks for coming out," said one Lloyd Joyce supporter to a voter.

It's the last ditch effort to earn your vote.

"John appreciates y'alls vote, thank you," said a John Raney supporter.

And as Americans, it's our civic duty.

"Good as it gets when I'm not taking a nap," said one voter jokingly.

On election day, candidates and their supporters gather at local polling places, each pleading their case.

"That's part of the reason we've got to keep Bryan exploding," said Chuck Konderla to a voter.

Or their candidates.

"Lloyd Joyce, at the bottom of the ballot. Thank you," said the Joyce supported to a voter.

It seems that having to be in the same place at that same time helps folks get along.

"I think people are tired of dividing us. Absolutely," said two supporters with separate party affiliation.

"Loving this pretty day! I tell you, it couldn't better," said Konderla.

"I'm just that patriotic," joked a voter.

"That's what I love about him is his heart. His heart, yes," said a Sylvester Smith Jr. supporter.

Do the issues come up? Sure they do and it turns out that sometimes an agreement can be found.

"China is not playing fair on the world economically. Absolutely not. Not the way they manipulate currency," said the same two supporters with separate party affiliation.

And it happens more often than one might think.

"We're not reaching our full potential. No way," agreed the supporters.

Sometimes the campaigning pays off.

"As long as you vote for Bosquez, we're good." Well it makes it easy when there is only two," joked Tommy Bosquez with a supporter.

There just one thing all the candidates are worried about.

"Shooting yourself in the foot," said a John Raney supporter.

Because the candidates know it's all up to the people.

"I pray it works out. It will, it will. But it's going to be the people that make that decision," said the opposing supporters.