Carnegie Library in Franklin celebrates 100 years

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Another landmark in Robertson county is the Carnegie Library, and they are celebrating 100 years.

This Library was built back in 1914 for only $7500. From 1914-1918, the library was turned into a school and they started holding classes.

The building is now owned by the city of Franklin and used as a library and the city's information center.

Out of 31 Carnegie libraries in the state of Texas, there are five that are still being used as active libraries.

Librarian Melanie Redden says as a history buff, she is impressed, that the Franklin has a piece of history that is still usable and draws a lot of tourism to area.

The libraries are named after Andrew Carnegie who believed in giving to those who were willing to help themselves.

Between 1898 and 1917 Carnegie gave thirty-four gifts totaling $645,000 to various Texas communities which paid for the construction of thirty-two public library buildings.