Caught on Camera: Deaf Toddler Hears Parents' Voices for First Time

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A deaf toddler from Brenham heard his parents' voices for the first time Friday thanks to a Cochlear Implant Surgery he received at the College Station Medical Center.

Cadyn Beard lost his hearing when he was only a year old. Doctors can't explain why it happened, but ENT specialists told Cadyn’s parents there was a way to restore his hearing. Months later, Cadyn became the second child to ever receive a Cochlear Implant surgery in the Brazos Valley.

Doctors activated the implant for the first time Friday.

“It was exciting to know he could hear our voices for the very first time,” said Krista Beard, Cadyn’s mother.

The Beards recorded the moment when doctors turned on the Cochlear Implant. In the video, you can see the moment Cadyn hears a crayon drop for the first time.

“He got really shy. He ducked down into his arm. He was a little scared, a little skeptical. Then he just wanted a hug,” said Krista. “It’s just a jolt to all of a sudden hear something that you haven't heard before...when you haven't heard anything.”

The Beards say the main goal of the surgery is to eventually catch Cadyn up developmentally. However, they say they are also excited for Cadyn to hear them say they love him.

Doctors say it will take a lot of time and therapy for Cadyn to hear the full range of sound...

“It’s going to be a slow process, but we're willing to make this journey,” said Ryan Beard, Cadyn’s father.

Cochlear Implant Surgeries are available to people of all ages, but Dr. Andrew DeJong with Texas ENT and Allergy is the only doctor in the Brazos Valley that's offering the procedure to children.