Caught on Camera: Deputy Saves Elderly Man from Burning House

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A Washington County Sheriff’s deputy heroically ran into a burning house to save an elderly man who was inside.

Both the deputy and home owner are ok, and the heroic rescue was captured by the deputy's patrol vehicle dash cam.

The house fire broke out on the 2200 block Tigerpoint Rd in Washington County Saturday at around 3 AM. A retired couple in their 70's live at the house.

Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy Art Senteno was one of the first people to arrive.

“When I pulled up here, I thought there are two people in there. The door frame was on fire. We had pieces of burning wood falling from the ceiling,” said Deputy Senteno. “I touched the door and it was hot. I went ahead and pushed it open and smoke came out. I yelled for someone and I heard a very faint voice from the back of the I ran in.”

Deputy Senteno says he found Charles Bazar, 76 years old, at the back of the house.

“It was kind of scary when I first walked up to the front, because it was really blazing,” said Bazar.

Bazar's wife had already made it out of the house safely.

“She asked me if I had Scooter, I said no I couldn't see him,” said Bazar.

Bazar says he stayed inside the burning house to try and save their dog, Scooter.

But in the end, it was Deputy Senteno who saved both of their lives.

“We wear a lot of hats. We're cops, we're doctors, we're psychologists, and Saturday night I was a fireman. Or I thought I was,” said Senteno.

Charles Bazar and Scooter made it out of the house safely. Deputy Senteno was treated for smoke inhalation at the hospital.

Bazar says the fire was caused by a wood stove that was sitting on the front porch. He had been working on the stove earlier in the day, but he didn't know any of the coals had sparked.