Cemetery Marker Theft in Madison County

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office has recovered a stolen cemetery marker and has made an arrest in connection.

The plaque was taken from the Allphin Cemetery in Midway. The marker was a family plaque dedicated to the grandchildren of Milton M. and Annie K. Reynolds.

The suspect, who Madison County authorities did not mention by name, took the plaque to T.J. Burdett recycling center in Huntsville. The owners of the recycling center recognized what the plaque was and reported the suspect’s description and vehicle to law enforcement.

A Madison County Sheriff’s deputy spotted the vehicle driving along the shoulder of Highway 21 and pulled the vehicle over. The suspect was placed into custody and during a vehicle search, a receipt for a metal recycling center in Magnolia was found.

The suspect had attempted to paint over the family names but the damage is repairable.