Changes For Plantersville Intersection Include Moving Several Businesses

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PLANTERSVILLE, Texas - An intersection with a history of accidents in Grimes County will be getting some safety changes next year with a widening project at the intersection of Highway 105 and F-M 1774 in Plantersville.

TxDOT hopes the project will help drivers but it will also come at a cost to some local businesses.

There's lots of treasures inside Grimes County's oldest commercial building.

Built at least 160 years ago by slaves, the auction house sits near the intersection of Hwy 105 and F-M 1774 in Plantersville.

"Well driving on this road is what brings them in to our business they see the building and it just draws them in," said Kimberly Nelson, a Plantersville resident and employee at Auctions Southwest.

The same intersection has also seen dozens of wrecks over the years. Instead of a building an overpass to prevent wrecks, TxDOT will expand 105 to four lanes and add new turn lanes to F-M 1774.

But to do that, a tire shop, hair salon, and taco place will have to relocate.

The owner of Styles By Linda tells us she will close in September after 34 years in business.

While TxDOT has put the brakes on an overpass here at Highway 105 and F-M 1774 the smaller scale project still has some business owners and residents worried as they try to understand the big picture.

Kathy Morehead, Office Manager of Auctions Southwest, doesn't like the plan, but agrees something needs to be done.

"Most definitely there needs to be some kind of issue addressed with the safety of the four way down there,"said Morehead.

Others like Gardner Green believes progress will be a good thing.

"It'll be an inconvenience for people in the beginning but it'll be all right, people around here learn to adapt to things," said Green.

TxDOT will be hosting a hearing before next summer so that residents can see the new plan.

Construction is set to start at the end of next year.