Charges Dropped for Bryan Woman Jailed 42 Days in Texas State University Bomb Threat

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A Bryan woman who spent 42 days in jail for a bomb threat sent in to Texas State University has now officially been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Brittany Henderson, 19, of Bryan said she was wrongly accused of sending bomb threat e-mails to Texas State University Back in October.

She was charged with three counts of making a terroristic threat out of Hayes County - and as of Friday night, Henderson's attorney John Quinn says those charges have been dropped.

Investigators also said for a short time she was a person of interest in the Texas A&M bomb threat made less than a week later.

Henderson's involvement was later dismissed and she was released from jail back in December.

Federal Investigators as well Texas A&M Police have since charged her ex-boyfriend Dereon Kelly with sending the threats from Henderson's Yahoo e-mail account.

He was indicted by a Brazos County Grand Jury in January.