Chef Tai Accepts News 3's Ice Bucket Challenge

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas - The Ice Bucket Challenge was made, and local restaurant owner Chef Tai accepted.

News 3's David Norris challenged Chef Tai as part of his Ice Bucket Challenge story on Wednesday. On Thursday, Chef Tai accepted the challenge.

"Alright, David Norris. This is Chef Tai with Veritas Wine and Bistro. And I accept your challenge for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge," said Tai.

Tai did the challenge at his new restaurant location, Paolos Italian Kitchen on University Drive.

"Before I do this, I want to challenge Peter Madden at Madden's Casual Gourmet to accept my challenge on the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS," said Tai.

Tai says he'll also be donating $100 to ALS for each of his other restaurants, Veritas Wine and Bistro, and Chef Tai's Mobile Bistro.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is designed to raise awareness and donations for ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease.

So far it's raised more than $40 million nationwide.