Chevron to Expand in Houston, Creating 1,752 Jobs

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AUSTIN, Texas Chevron Corp. says it plans an expansion that will result in the construction of a 1.7 million-square-foot office tower and the creation of 1,752 jobs.

Gov. Rick Perry announced Wednesday that Chevron is receiving $12 million from the Texas Enterprise Fund, a pot of money meant to attract outside businesses to the state.

Perry says the multimillion-dollar investment Chevron is making in Houston will open the door to significant opportunities for Texans and their families.

The fund was created in 2003 by the Legislature and has been used to convince various firms to expand in Texas.

Perry says the fund has now invested more than $498 million and helped close the deal on projects generating more than 69,000 new jobs and about $20.8 billion in capital investment statewide.