Childhood Dream Jobs: Kailey Tries Acting

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BRYAN - This week, the First News at Four team is exploring some of the jobs we wanted to have as young children.

Monday, we took a look at Kailey Carey's aspirations when she was younger of being an actress.

A few days ago, she went to Nikki Pederson Talent in Bryan. Pederson has run her agency for about 15 years, and was an area director for Miss Texas USA. Among the many people she's helped train and launch into entertainment: Disney Channel stars Raini Rodriguez and Tiffany Thornton, both from Bryan/College Station.

"We have some success stories," she explained, "and now we've proven that we can take kids from small towns and put them on shows, but there are certain ingredients that go into that go into the success those kids had, or if they didn't have, we pushed them to. That's being hopeful and believing and just working hard and just getting over hurdles, and those hurdles are going to happen no matter what industry you're in."

Kailey went through an interview process -- pretty much a getting-to-know-you session -- with talent scout Lauren Fickey, then went in front of a camera to demonstrate her skills.

Could Kailey cut it and get a thumbs up from the professionals in the talent industry?