Childhood Dream Jobs: Karla Tries Law Enforcement Drills

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This week, the First News at Four team is exploring some of the jobs we wanted to have as young children.

Wednesday, we took a look at Karla Castillo's aspirations when she was younger of being in law enforcement.

A few days ago, Bryan Police took Karla to the TEEX training facilities at Texas A&M and to the police department for a pair of exercises, one involving guns, the other involving tasers.

"It's imperative that we do this type of training," said Cary Beason with Bryan PD, one of Karla's "trainers." "We're given the ultimate responsibility: to take someone's life or to not take someone's life. When it comes to that moment, you don't want to miss and hit an innocent bystander."

Could Karla cut it in some of the critical tests officers go through to wear a badge?