Childhood Dream Jobs: Steve Tries Stadium Announcing

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This week, the First News at Four team is exploring some of the jobs we wanted to have as young children.

Tuesday, we took a look at Steve Fullhart's aspirations when he was younger of being a public address announcer at a sporting event.

A few days ago, the Brazos Valley Bombers had Steve out to Cellucor Field, where for a couple of innings, he took the microphone and make the announcements of the players and promotions.

Craig Regan is in his second season as the voice of the defending Texas Collegiate League champions.

"I would say the hardest thing is probably keeping up with the fans, making sure I'm in rhythm with them," Regan said. "When they're high, you kind of like to get high with them and pump up the energy. When they're low, you have to understand that and match their tone."

Could Steve cut it and hit a home run with the Bombers?